Healthcare organizations, today, must cope with a transforming business model while meeting the pressures of the industry’s regulatory demands.

At LKO, we enable healthcare organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, streamline internal processes, modernize business and develop customer intimacy, while meeting regulatory compliance.

Client Challenges

  • Managing a changing business model: Shifting to a patient-centric healthcare system
  • Coping with regulatory pressures for cost containment and alignment of incentives
  • Handling digitized data from multiple sources, leading to a data explosion
  • Implementing reforms to provide greater emphasis on wellness management and preventive care

What LKO Provides

At LKO, we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your healthcare enterprise. Our full services offering comprise IT services, business process outsourcing, and consulting and infrastructure services. Some of our focus areas include the following:

  • ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Remote health monitoring
  • mHealth initiatives
  • Payer CRM initiatives
  • Electronic health records and exchanges
  • Health information exchanges
  • Healthcare infrastructure management and hosting
  • Healthcare analytics and business intelligence
  • Digital strategy

Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare

Healthcare industry is in the midst of a transformation with healthcare reform and other regulations, consumerization of healthcare, and persistent cost pressures. Insights and innovation across healthcare and outside the industry are crucial to chart the right course. Strategic partners and smarter execution are key to building capabilities for tomorrow while balancing competing priorities today.

Our Value Proposition

We blend our industry-leading expertise in consulting, technology, and sourcing to help our clients solve complex business problems and unlock value. Our innovative technology solutions combine over two decades of healthcare experience with commercial practices from industries such as banking and retail, and proven execution and delivery to assure business value.

  • Cross-industry experience– Fusing experience across the healthcare ecosystem with insights and practices from retail and other industries to bring distinct solutions to healthcare.
  • Linking strategy to execution– Consulting expertise and value frameworks such as IMPACT / VRM to prioritize focus areas and investments; strategy and roadmap for implementation, testing, and support.
  • Speed-to-market– Solutions and accelerators to fast-track deployment; strategic partnerships to configure and provide complete solutions.
  • Predictability and low risk– Best practices, centers of excellence, and local and global delivery assure value and ensure that projects are delivered on time, and on budget.


We support healthcare organizations through smarter operations while assisting them in transforming today’s organization into tomorrows.

We assist our clients to address four key imperatives to build tomorrow’s healthcare organization, today.

  • Healthcare reform and mandates: Regulatory mandates such as US Affordable Care Act are a major focus for healthcare organizations. We stay on top of evolving regulations to help clients systematically address competing priorities and meet complex regulations with stringent timelines in a cost-effective manner. Our future-proof solutions look beyond tactical compliance to optimize investments in core business processes and systems to support strategic initiatives.
  • Consumer engagement: Healthcare consumer expectations are now set by their experience with retail and other consumer industries. Our digital transformation solutions are derived from years of experience and practices across industries, and help healthcare organizations take an enterprise-wide view of consumer engagement initiatives and capabilities to deliver a personalized, consistent, and connected experience – across the consumer life cycle and across channels.
  • Insights-driven enterprise: Insights-driven decision-making and predictive analytics are essential for competitive advantage. We help healthcare organizations deploy processes, systems, and governance across the enterprise. This enables them to leverage the deluge of data with speed and agility to improve consumer engagement, operational efficiencies, and drive profitable growth. Our solutions embed sophisticated tools and best practices from across industries to fast-track adoption.
  • Operations and cost optimization: Operational efficiencies and costs impact the bottom-line as well as regulatory compliance. We help healthcare organizations optimize operations and cost structures through a range of solutions and delivery models such as managed services. Our approach drives efficiencies and savings while optimizing investments to improve agility and flexibility to support new business requirements.