We believe that innovation should work for you, producing impactful results today and for the future – not endless timelines, overblown budgets, or unattainable promises. That’s why we focus innovation on the right processes, systems, and resources to fast-track results.

LKO Human Resource Services has been recognized by analysts, clients and industry bodies for delivering transformative solutions. The transformation success stories are a result of our ability to offer integrated consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to client business and industry considerations. LKO HR services enable HR functions of global clients to achieve cost savings, build efficiencies, scale and enhance quality of delivery.

Our existing clientele includes those who have chosen to pick specific components of our extensive service offerings and those who have chosen to let us handle their end to end technology, consulting and outsourcing requirements. Clients have realized strong outcomes such as reducing their operational costs by 40 percent and enhancing productivity by 30 percent. We bring you the ability to deliver these services from various delivery locations across the globe.

Technical temporary staffing, right-to-hire, and direct permanent placements.

Often, the biggest barrier between setting business objectives and achieving them is talent. Finding technically qualified people when you need them is hard enough. Finding technically qualified people who are the best fit for your organization is tougher.

LKO provides technical temporary staffing, right-to-hire, and direct permanent placements across North America.

Every enterprise has a growth strategy, but too often IT resources aren’t aligned to support it. To drive business growth, you need to bring innovation wherever it’s needed — whether to fast-track new initiatives, update inefficient legacy systems, or take advantage of new technologies and channels.

LKO’s Application Development and Management (ADM) Services give you the speed and agility you need to drive your most critical business needs. Equally important, our work is backed by a consistent focus on business process, usability, quality assurance, and technology best practices.

To drive business growth, applications must continue to deliver value throughout their lifecycles. At LKO, we help ensure your applications stay optimized by continuously measuring and analyzing their performance – using real business metrics – and making improvements. The resulting cost savings can range from 25% to 40%.

It used to be that IT systems could be as much a limitation as an advantage. They tied up large amounts of capital. They were costly to maintain. Resistant to change. And slow to evolve.

Not anymore. Today, you can create a more flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure that adapts quickly to the changing demands of your business. With LKO’s Infrastructure Services, you can find innovative ways to reduce infrastructure costs and devote more of your technology investment to growth initiatives.

All businesses are under intense pressure to earn value on their operational assets. But no two businesses are alike. That’s why LKO delivers its Business Process Services (BPO) with an agile, customized approach.

We’re different because we focus our BPO services around process optimization and efficiencies by creating synergies between IT and BPO. We also emphasize the value of better data management and analytics to help you make more informed and more competitive business decisions.

Fusing front end innovation with back-end performance.

LKO helps companies harness the most powerful online tools and incorporate them into their overarching enterprise IT strategy.

Our Interactive Services group leverages LKO’s Enterprise Transformation Framework℠ to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your organization.